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Safe & Secure are experts in supplying, installing and maintaining the latest security technology, covering Leicestershire and the East Midland area.

Our customers approach us for a large number of reasons, some to pro-actively deter unwanted visitors and others as a reactive measure after a break-in. The installations vary greatly from small domestic upgrades, such as security cameras and alarm sensors, right through to commercial customers looking to ensure that their business, staff and customers are well protected at all times with complete security systems.

We Tailor Our Services To You

Here at safe and secure, you can feel confident that that we will match the right products to your exact requirements at a budget tailored to you.

We have no pushy sales-people and are family run business that prides itself on a friendly approach. We recognise that many of our customers are contacting us as a result of more serious reason and will offer the professional advice needed to ensure that you feel safe in your home.

Please see below some of the products and services we offer.

Alarm Systems

With a large range of products on the market, we are able to offer a an alarm system that will best suit your needs. We will also recommend the ideal number of sensors and their best placement to ensure that no corners of your home are left unprotected.

CCTV Systems

We can make the camera display view-able from monitors around the home and also to any device that can connect to the internet such as mobile phones, tablets/iPads and computers. This gives you the ability to monitor your home 24/7 from anywhere in the world.

Intercom Systems

Intercom Systems are increasing greatly in popularity. With the ability to now connect these to your mobile phone, you can see and/or speak to somebody at your front door from anywhere. Even if you’re out, you can make people believe you’re at home or let them know when you’ll be back. No longer will you need to miss a parcel.

Entry Control

Entry Control Technology is still mostly used within the commercial sector, however, we are noticing a large increase in installations into domestic properties. They complement other security system giving you a security combination that could rival some top businesses.

Servicing and Maintenance

Just like anything, regular servicing and maintenance is crucial in ensuring it continues to work effectively. We recommend having your systems checked once a year to ensure that everything is working exactly as it should be. This is the same advice for domestic and commercial installations. We are able to arrange for one of our engineers to come and check everything over and ensure none of your CCTV cameras, alarm sensors, displays or other equipment has developed a fault. We can do this as a one off service or you can set up a contract for us to visit you at a set interval.


Tel: 07545 489 952

We offer a no obligation free quotation across all of our products and services. From camera replacements to complete security systems, our team are here to help!